Overwintering in Turkey – or not…

A typical colourful tourist shop in Istanbul

We finally entered Turkish waters on 25th November 2019 and headed for the customs dock in Marmaris to check in. With 25kt winds onto the jetty we were loathe to tie up here so we called Marmaris Yacht Marina where we had pre-booked a three month stay, and asked if we could come in early and check in at the marina. They duly obliged and we were able to get our visas, check into Turkey and head back to the boat. By now the winds had got up to about 50kts and we asked if we could stay on the collector jetty for the night as we didn’t want to anchor in the bay. They were fine with that and we found out later that the weather in the bay had hit 70knots so we were very grateful to be snuggly tucked up inside the marina. continue reading …

Island hopping to Turkey

Entering the Bay of Kotor

The sea state was terrible in our journey down to Montenegro – only 30nm from Cavtat to Tivat but it took 7 hours and we arrived exhausted. Only a small amount of damage – just the main sheet block came off the traveller and luckily we found the pin on deck to fix it. Damage is always the worry in big seas and with the boom swinging around as the waves threw the boat around, it made us quite nervous so when we actually came into the bay of Kotor we relaxed a bit. -continue reading…>

Croatia all to ourselves..

Umag – first port of call in Croatia

We sailed back over to the east side of the Adriatic Sea to the small town of Umag to check into Croatia – a procedure we had done many times before so we knew what paperwork to have on hand and roughly how long it would take so armed with our folder containing everything necessary we docked next to the police station and started to check in. -continue reading…..->

Montenegro – lakes, mountains and old towns….

20191015_145454I had been to some places I had never heard of and knew nothing about. I had the even been to countries I knew nothing about, for example Djibouti and Albania but at least I had heard of them and knew they existed, but in all honesty I didn’t realise Montenegro was a country in its own right – so to sail there, check in and discover all about it was very intriguing.  -continue reading….>