Italy and her islands.

The Colliseum

We arrived in Sicily early in the evening, dropped anchor and poured ourselves a glass of red. We were the only boat in the anchorage outside Licata marina, which for Aug 10th must be a first. We had been warned repeatedly not to be in Italy in August as the crowds were horrendous but 2020 is proving to be a year of change and tourist-free is one of the very few benefits. We caught up with Matt and Cristy from Trifecta for a late brekky and to check in – all very easy and a free check-in – bonus. Continue reading


The Malta approach

We were met at the pontoon of the Royal Malta Yacht Club by Mike and Proud and two other boats from the Covid-free Odyssey group after a frustrating sail, including one day of lovely 25kn winds where we sailed at 8.5knts all day and a couple of days solid motoring with headwinds.  The group now consists of two Australian and two American boats and that evening we had drinks on board the other Australian boat Ikigai. continue reading….>

Sailing again and a disaster avoided….

Overlooking the bay of Liminasi with Indian Summer in the background

After weeks of having to stay in the small town of Kas, we were suddenly allowed to go sailing for a few days.   We had to stay in the province of Antalya but that gave us a few beautiful anchorages to go and visit and shake out the cobwebs that had been gathering on the boat.  We left with another boat Acheron skippered by Jim and headed down Kekova.  Kekova is actually an island but has lots of anchorages around it – all of them spotlessly clean and of  course completely empty.  continue reading…

My Favourite Things…

Waiting out the Coronavirus pandemic in the beautiful Kas harbour

With the COVID19 crisis dominating our thoughts and screen time, I thought I would write a post that had absolutely nothing to do with the virus. I couldn’t  think what to write about until I remembered a conversation we had with some cruisers a while back where we were all discussing some of our ‘must haves’ on board.  -cont reading…->

COVID-19 Lockdown benefits. .

Kas – our new home

The news coming from home gets worse, more people are contracting  this disease and the death toll is rising.  Small business is suffering and hospital workers are being separated from their loved ones while they fight this virus on the frontline. The world seems, for the first time ever, to be really united in conquering this illness and the general population seem to be adhering to the new regulations. yes I read of people still going out and visiting people etc but from what I see via my mobile/iPad most people are doing the right thing and staying home. -cont reading…>

Stranded and Illegal

Cruising boats on the quay at Kas

We are living in the most unusual time with the world in lockdown due to COVID-19, but life on a yacht seems no different. We are still in Kas and have been informed  we won’t be arrested for being illegal but will just face a fine when we leave. I think they should scrap that rule as these are such unique circumstances but we are lucky to be in such a gorgeous spot that we don’t want to upset the apple cart. -continue reading…>

Cruising in Turkey – or not…

Stunning Gocek bay

We splashed at 1am the day after we got back to Marmaris with a view to spending our last month in Turkey cruising up and down the coast and eventually catching up with Mike and Proud again in Kas.  We arranged to have our new sails put on the the bay, but there was a delay so we spent a couple days hanging around and with our new sails in situ, we set off to explore the coastline. -continue reading…>