First days …..

After the stress and last minute adjustments, we finally settled down to sail the 450 NM to Denham which went really well with perfect winds and little swell.  It was my birthday on the second day out and because I was still in phone reception I was able to talk to the kids.  It was a very quiet birthday, and because we were at sail, it was a dry day which will go down as a first in my book.   We arrived in Denham just before sundown, so had our bottle of red and a nice steak and salad dinner. Maltesers for dessert…

This morning, we went ashore and had a walk round Denham which didn’t take much time as it is a very small place.  We had a burger and Ian had a haircut and we were back on board by 3pm.   At last we are back in shorts and t-shirts enjoying the sun.   Shark Bay is such a beautiful place.  It is absolutely huge – There is an island called Dirk Hartog which is 129 km long and there are two islands above that before the bay feeds back into the ocean. It is crystal clear and has the biggest grass sea bed in the world….. nice place – we will come back here for sure.

Back on board we decided to head off to Carnarvon, anchor out in the Bay somewhere and continue our journey tomorrow, but boats really do have a mind of their own and only a couple of hours out the port engine started playing up and Ian discovered that the belt had snapped.  No problem – we just had to replace the belt and head off.  Wrong:  The replacement belt was the wrong size.  Cross skipper.  We called Carnarvon and they know we are going to come in on one engine and are ready for us.  I will order a couple of belts from Perth but this means we will be delayed in Carnarvon unless we can get a belt there.   Welcome to cruising – fixing stuff in exotic places.

Leaving Mandurah



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