Silver Gull Creek.


We left Cape Leveque at sparrows fart to make Silver Gull Creek before dark.  We made good headway but the breeze died off during the day and we ended up motoring into Silver Gull where we eventually caught up with ‘Site’ and our friends Mick & Beth from our yacht club in Mandurah.  They came straight over with the champagne before we had even finished anchoring and we then had a great evening catching up.  The next day we spent going up the creek to visit the full time caretaker of ‘The Squatters Arms’ which has very basic living accommodation with magnificent views.  There is an old water tank which is fed from a permanent spring which acts as a swimming pool and yachts that have no facility to make their own water can fill up their tanks on board.   We stayed here for the afternoon, walking up to the top of the hill, swimming in the tank and chatting to Scottie the caretaker.  It was so good to stretch our legs and have a swim as it is now really hot – with very high humidity making the nights uncomfortable.

Mick, Ian, Beth & Me heading up Silver Gull Creek
Gotta be the best view from a toilet

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