Whale sharks & waterfalls

Top of the Rock – Sagu Dampar

We left our little bay behind and sailed off to a great anchorage on the island of Sagu Dampar where we caught up with John & Cathy from Mystic Moon.  This place is really out of the glossy magazines with turquoise waters, coral gardens galore, local fishing boats nestling in the bay and many small idyllic sandy beaches.   Most anchorages in the Anambas are 20m plus but we found a couple of great spots here with good holding and not too deep.  We carry 60m of chain and a further 40m of rope but we like to anchor in 5 – 10 metres so the Captain was happy… Continue reading

The Anambas – A Tropical Paradise

Sagu Dampar

We had arranged to meet up with Ingrid and Vince Mzungu on the small island of Tioman so that we could sail the 100nm to the Anambas Islands. Tioman is a port of clearance for Malaysia and also a duty-free island, so we stocked up on beer and bourbon, cleared out and set off early in the evening.  The Anambas are actually part of Indonesia located in the South China sea between the Malaysian Peninsular and Borneo. There are 255 islands in the archipelago of which only 26 are inhabited.  Only since the Indonesians have stopped requiring a CAIT (the old cruising permit for Indonesia) have boats found it viable to visit these islands.  They now have their own immigration and customs offices which makes it easy to visit and in fact, they are encouraging people to come.  This group of islands is at present, completely untouched and unspoiled.  They are off the beaten track, -cont reading ….>

Tanjung Pinang – Bintan

20161028_131611We stayed for a couple of nights on Kentar – a small island in the Riau group before we all headed into Tanjung Pinang on the island of Bintan.  I had been here 16 years ago on a work conference and had not seen any of the island except the resort we were staying, so I wanted to explore it this time.  It is very close to Singapore and as a result the tourism industry consists mainly of Singaporeans and Malaysians.  The port town of Tanjung Pinang was hectic continue reading…


Claire & I being silly on the sign!

We sailed to the small island of Ketawai off Bangka with no pre-conceived ideas of what to expect.  Every stop in this trip through Indonesia has been completely different but Ketawai was the jewel in the crown.

We arrived at about 9am to a cacophony of horns and sirens – all our friends who had already arrived cheering us in.  We in turn did the same to  arrivals after us – I think we knew this was a special place after that.  Within about 30 minutes of our arrival a small boat arrived -continue reading…->

Orangutans in Kumai


We arrived in Kumai after a slow slow motor/sail from Karamungjawa – there is just no wind here which is starting to really frustrate Ian.   Kumai is in Kalimantan  which is the Indonesian side of Borneo – the other parts of Borneo (Sarawak & Sabah) belong to Malaysia.  The reason we came this far out of our way was to visit the orangutans in their natural habitat in a huge national park called Tanjung Puting – which promised to be one of the highlights continue reading..

JAVA – Borobudur & Prambanan

Sunrise at Borobudur

14 of us decided to visit Borobudur and Prambanan in central Java.  This entailed a two hour fast ferry from Karamunjawa to Java and then another 5 hour bus journey through Java to Magelang where we were going to spend the night before our 4.30am rise.

First giggle of the trip was when we all plonked ourselves down in the first class section of the fast ferry – when we were promptly all continue reading.



Bali is a special place especially for us who come from Western Australia as it is our closest capital city and our number one destination for holidays.  The cost of coming to Bali from Perth is half that of flying to any other Australian city and it is in the same time zone – so West Australians tend to know Bali better than their own country!   So when we set off for Bali from Lombok we thought we knew what to expect.

We usually go to the south of the Island but on the rally we were all going to Lovina in the north.  Lovina is a really beautiful part of Bali – very unspoiled and still retaining the charm that is Bali.

We arrived early in the evening, and Lovina was thumping – it was their local festival and there was also a welcoming ceremony for us. Continue reading