Penang Art

We visited Penang 25 years ago on a family holiday, but the Penang we found this time was very different.  Most of us anchored outside the small but lovely Straights Quay Marina as on our first night we were treated to a party on the dockside.   The marina complex itself is wonderful with many different bars, restaurants and shops so we ate at the Irish bar for  lunch and enjoyed wandering around the shops all afternoon. The next day Kim (Magic Bullet) and I went into Georgetown continue reading …

Rescue at Sea

The Penang  Bridge

After a delayed start because of the rogue anchor we set sail to Penang.  We sailed in company with about 12 other boats all heading for the Penang as well and we all had to sail under the Penang Bridge to reach the anchorage.   It was quite spectacular looking up at the huge span above and we had to race to the anchorage before the rain came as you can see from the above photo – we only had minutes. – continue reading….>

Pangkor & Ipoh

20161122_112103After our overnight sail to Pangkor we anchored just outside the marina and just chilled out for the day.  We wanted to organise fuel, laundry etc and have a lazy day as all cruisers do on arrival at a new port.

One of the stops on this leg of the rally was a day trip to a place called Ipoh.  I had never heard of Ipoh and was I in for a surprise.  Ipoh is the capital city of the state of Perak and was once a very large tin mining town. -continue reading………>

Malacca – Malaysia

Admiral Marina – Port Dickson

On our return from Singapore we headed back to Country Garden Marina for a couple of days and then set off for Langkawi via the Melacca Straights.  We are taking part in Sail Malaysia which is a rally which goes from Johor to Langkawi.  It is not a long rally and there are many stops in marinas which is unusual for us – anchoring being our preference.   Our first stop was Admiral Marina continue reading…


Night view of Singapore

As Singapore is only a couple of miles away, it seemed a shame not to visit and experience yet another different culture.   We travel slowly when we are sailing, sometimes only a couple of miles an hour but we don’t usually mind the slow pace – in fact we cherish it as it is so relaxing and peaceful.  Not so the journey to Singapore. continue reading….

First port of call in Malaysia

Luxury in a marina in Johor Bahru

To get to Malaysia from Indonesia you have to cross the notorious Singapore Straights – the busiest shipping lane in the world – they are not kidding.  The actual crossing is only about a mile so takes only a short time but you are dodging huge tankers, tugs and cargo ships, all of which are doing at least double your speed.  It was quite fun weaving in and out of them and once we had crossed we just continue reading…….