Tioman Island and Penang….

We had rough sail back to Malaysia with a heavy squall on the way – of course it hit in the middle of the night but no damage so we arrived at the island of Tioman tired but happy to be in one piece. Tioman is the easiest place to check in and only took us about an hour so we headed straight to the bottle shop to stock up on some duty free alcohol and then had lunch. We wanted to spend few days here this time so we sent round to the lovely bay of Juara. There are only a few restaurants and backpackers here and no cruising boats.
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Redang & The Perhentians


We arrived in the idyllic island of Redang to spend a few days before meeting our kids in the Perhentians.   What a gorgeous place … the water was crystal clear, with turtles swimming in the bay.  We jumped in and swam with them – they were really inquisitive and seemed to have no fear of us.   There must have been 8 – 10 fully grown turtles living in the bay and so tourist boats kept coming by depositing their swimmers into the bay.   We noticed that the turtles actually went up to them so they must be very well protected here.  Redang is a small island off the East Coast of mainland Malaysia consisting of a small village and a couple of up market resorts.  It is incredibly beautiful – continue reading…>



We left Kapas and headed to the small town of Terengganu only 10 miles away.  We needed to stock up for when our kids arrive next week, and get some credit.   Terengganu is a sultanate and state of Malaysia, and the city of Kuala Terengganu is capital of the state.  We headed into the marina, which was incredibly muddy and were settled in by lunch.  We had to check in and out of Terengganu which surprised us as we had not done so in any other state except Langkawi, so imagine our surprise continue reading….

Malacca Straits again…..

Friendly neighbours in the Malacca Straits

With the South Westerly monsoon approaching, we decided to head south via the Malacca Straits to spend a couple of months on the much less travelled Eastern Coast of the Malaysian peninsular.  As we had already been down this coastline before we decided not to stop and spend too much time here instead opting to explore the other side.  I love the best laid plans…

Langkawi was our first port of call and Rebak marina beckoned.  It was so good to be back at our favourite haunt complete with swimming pool, beach bar and choice of restaurants.  Many of the rally friends were still there and we  had a lovely few days with everyone before we all went off in different continue reading…

Home Sweet Home

Rebak Marina

After having spent 9 months away, we decided to head back to Australia to see our kids.  We are only a 5 hour flight away and as Indian Summer is safely tucked up in a marina it seems the right time.  Perth was unusually cool for January when we arrived – we were back in Jeans for a day or so, but then the typical heat came back and without the tropical humidity we are used to so we felt quite comfortable.  We sorted out all the business side of things, and had a great holiday with our kids.  We also needed to get our -continue reading…->