Stranded and Illegal

Cruising boats on the quay at Kas

We are living in the most unusual time with the world in lockdown due to COVID-19, but life on a yacht seems no different. We are still in Kas and have been informed  we won’t be arrested for being illegal but will just face a fine when we leave. I think they should scrap that rule as these are such unique circumstances but we are lucky to be in such a gorgeous spot that we don’t want to upset the apple cart. -continue reading…>

Cruising in Turkey – or not…

Stunning Gocek bay

We splashed at 1am the day after we got back to Marmaris with a view to spending our last month in Turkey cruising up and down the coast and eventually catching up with Mike and Proud again in Kas.  We arranged to have our new sails put on the the bay, but there was a delay so we spent a couple days hanging around and with our new sails in situ, we set off to explore the coastline. -continue reading…>

Overwintering in Turkey – or not…

A typical colourful tourist shop in Istanbul

We finally entered Turkish waters on 25th November 2019 and headed for the customs dock in Marmaris to check in. With 25kt winds onto the jetty we were loathe to tie up here so we called Marmaris Yacht Marina where we had pre-booked a three month stay, and asked if we could come in early and check in at the marina. They duly obliged and we were able to get our visas, check into Turkey and head back to the boat. By now the winds had got up to about 50kts and we asked if we could stay on the collector jetty for the night as we didn’t want to anchor in the bay. They were fine with that and we found out later that the weather in the bay had hit 70knots so we were very grateful to be snuggly tucked up inside the marina. continue reading …