Medana Bay

Medana Bay Yacht Club

Medana Bay in Lombok was where we all met up for a traditional welcoming ceremony and where we could extend our visas for our remaining month in Indonesia.   The first time we passed by it was very rolly and so we headed for the gorgeous little island of Gili Air for a few days.   Gili Air is one of the three famous Gili’s in Lombok.   Gili Air has the best anchorage and is only 4 miles from Medana Bay so there were quite a few rally boats here, all relaxing after many days continuous sailing from Alor.   After we had anchored we headed ashore – there are no motorised vehicles on Gili Air, so the only mode of transport is either bicycle or horse and cart.   We ate out with Michele & Phillipe from Tereva and after drinking far too many bintans seemed to risk life and limb getting back into the dinghy!   The dock in Gili Air needs a bit of attention…  After a few days of R & R  we went into Medana Bay to apply for our extension visa – thinking it would just take a couple of days.

Our mode of transport to Medana Bay. 

The next day about 20 of us piled into a local boat and hopped over to Medana Bay again for the ceremony.   The locals take such pride in showing off their dancing skills and stick fighting – and all the ladies of the village prepared breakfast for us which we ate sitting on the ground with them.   Some of the guys were very stiff later but we all appreciated the work they put in and the food was awesome.

The ladies arriving with breakfast
Our Breakfast

There was one tray of food per 4 people, but I think they over catered because I seemed to get a tray to myself, so did Ian and so did the friends next to us.  The village ladies wanted us to each finish our tray!!  Not a hope in hell – it was delicious and we all felt a tiny bit guilty leaving so much.

So much work preparing for our visit

We then headed to the bar (of course) while we waited for our boat to come and pick us up.  It was a fabulous day and we ended up having more drinks on Restless M with Claire & Errol and decided to stay one more night on Gili Air before heading off to explore a bit of Lombok as we had to wait 4 days before we could pick up our new visas.

Main mode of transport – Gili Air



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