Prime real estate

We travelled to the next island called Pantar to a village called Kabir.  This village is very isolated and very poor.   We were visited by the local children on boats who loved their lollypops.  The only westerners they see are cruisers, so they are not really shy around us but all giggle profusely when we actually start mucking around with them.  We wandered around the village, which was strung out along the coast and were greeted with waves, giggles and ‘hello mister’.  The beach was not much, black sand and very dirty but we didn’t have any fears about leaving the dinghy here, and had a lovely day wandering around.

Dry & Dusty – but so clean
Sunday must be washing day! Note the new fencing…
Always wanting a photo… All the kids play with the tyre and stick.

We spent two nights in this delightful little place and up-anchored  early in the morning to head for another village called Balurin.   This village is slightly larger, with a small working port.   The main attraction for everyone is the magnificent Volcano that dominates the landscape.  Indonesia is home to many active volcanoes, but to anchor under one and watch the sunset over it was truly a wonderful experience.

Drinks under an active volcano!
Balurin – working harbour

We only spent one night in this gorgeous anchorage.  There was no beach as such, and we were wary of mozzies as we were anchored so near the mangroves.   We set off early the next day for some clean water, snorkelling and a bit of white sand.  Luxury.

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  1. Alex Hargreaves August 16, 2016 / 3:30 am

    Keep the stories Coming
    Love reading about the trip!!


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