Kroko Atoll

Indian Summer is second from left at Kroko Atoll

We all arrived at the idyllic  setting of Kroko Atoll during the course of the day and all dived straight into the crystal clear water.   The snorkelling was good but not brilliant due to in part the dynamiting that has been going on in this region.  There were some signs of recovery though and the fish life was abundant so all is looking good for this gorgeous little place.   We were visited by locals to buy their fish.  Their catch was rather on the small side, especially coming from Australia and to us most of the catch looked undersize, but the idea of fresh fish for dinner was appealing so we bought some and paid way over the odds we think!  Our first night, was another boozy night on Site with all the other cruisers – great fun and lots of laughter.   The other nights were spent on the island, which is just a small sand hill really, bonfires, drinks and chatter.   Very relaxing…..

Cruisers doing what cruisers do best …….
Cruiser girls

One thought on “Kroko Atoll

  1. Alex August 16, 2016 / 4:09 am

    Some looking very brown some looking on the pink side lol


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